Monday, December 22, 2008

if we elect the scenic route see it as greener grasses, like morphine after snatch help you forget diseases matter

A couple of days before Christmas and all I can think of is the cliff's edge of '08 is fast approaching.

About to jump into a brand new, same-old same-old and trying my best to catwalk to a different drummer. Writing helps (hint hint.) So does spilling crazy over every blank I can think of.

Still finding my water wings in New Yiddy city's kiddie pool. Fortunately the head has been above water for quite some time now. Thank Yahweh for small miracles.

My advice to the not-so-distant future K~Digz:
-Write something daily
-Draw-paint-collage something frequently
-Get more SLEEP!!!
-Keep exercising
-More vegetables and less sweets
-Don't forget to show Brandon how much you love him
-Never ever forget to make time for you friends
-And, for the love of God, use less cliches

Okay, I'm out (the closet, my mind, of toilet paper)