Thursday, January 15, 2009

Growing old is mandatory, Growing up is optional

Okay, so let's see.

First of all, Seinfeld season 9 (which was truly the show's peak season in my opinion) has saved me from a shitty mood on at least three occassions since I bought it a couple of weeks ago. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a pick-me-up.

Secondly, still getting accustomed to living with Brandon. It's not terrible by any means, I'm just not used to having so little alone time at home. It's definitely a major change and I'm not adjusting as quickly as I imagined I would. It's the little things I find myself missing mostly. Stuff like waking up at 5am and making art. Or going to sleep when I feel like it (typically on the earlier side - think 10ish) and not feeling guilty because we didn't spend enough time together that night. Or putting things where I want to because it makes sense to me that they should go there. Or not smoking copious amounts of foliage on a nightly basis (I'm not blaming him at all but living with a head-pot makes it harder to resist the wacky tobbacky than you'd think.)

Don't get me wrong. All in all, I'm liking "married life" a lot, it's just taking more getting used to than I originally anticipated is all.

That and I never realized how antisocial I am when I'm at home until I couldn't be anymore. It's staggering to think that a person as sociable and friendly as I am could need so much "me time" in the homestead. I've known for years that my time at home was for recharging my social batteries. I just never realized how crucial it is to my well-being to do so. And Brandon gets it. But from his perspective it feels like after an entire day away from him I'm not ecstatic to see him. Where as my point of view is more like after an entire day of dealing with literally hundreds of people in one capacity or other (ah, the joys of retail) I'm so burnt out that I need a second (read: an hour) before I feel like being my normal self again.

Anyways that's been the prevailing theme of today's thoughtbleed. Trying to find a balance in my newly domesticated life.

In the plus column, I started a really awesome new collage last night/this morning. I've been trying to find images that really capture the feel of our home and both of our personalities and I think I've done it. Hopefully I'll be able to post a pic soon. *Still in the process of getting my scanner up and running.

In conclusion, Seinfeld is soma, married life is challenging, individuality is necessary and making art is always muy, muy bien.

Later Days,

K~Digz :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thou shall not tear the wings off things

Note: these are not resolutions. These are short-term goals I plan on accomplishing by the 1st of April.

Right. So it's a new year, a new me and all that that implies. There are things I want to do for a general life-improvement and why not start ASAP.

With that said, here are my 3-month goals:
-Creating an artist collective/support group with at least two other friends
-Create a blog to post artwork on with said artist collective
-Take a more active hand in decorating my home
-Write a blog at least once a week
-Purchase a digital camera
-Create some pictures with the ultimate goal of framing and presenting in the homestead
-Start + Finish the Munny Molly gave me and send it to her

I think that's it for now. Desperate attempts at being better.

Wish me luck,