Monday, February 16, 2009

Reintroducing the meanest, cleanest, distinguished genuine gentleman linguist from the westside of Venus

Okay it's been a month so I figured I should write something new ;P

Uhm... nothing much to report... wait, now I feel it... here it comes in no particular order:

The Black List is a amazingly powerful collection of narratives from a plethora of successful black people in a variety of fields. It's insanely inspiring and makes me want to be a better person (who happens to be black.)

I'm loving the Twilight series. I'm a white, suburban teenage girl and my pink little pussy cannot get enough of this series. What can I say, vampires and werewolves rock!

Feeling like I'm starting to reconnect with a couple of friends who've been missing from my life as of late. It's a good thing.

Aside from my complete adoration for all things hip-hop which will never subside, I've been on this new kick for lo-fi electro dirty soul. It's kind of the next generation of R&B but from a bunch of weirdos with midget budgets and bad brains. See: J*Davey, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Sy Smith, Bilal Salaam, Foreign Exchange, Sa-Ra Creative Partners, Tiombe Lockhart, Muhsinah, Yahzarah and PPP to name a few. It's what I want out of my soul music these days; basically an uninhibited predisposition that leans toward the extraterrestrial and artistic. Basically a bunch of black weirdos with away too many colors on their mind.

Valentine's was great and fun and awesome. I slow danced with Brandon. And drank punch. And made out with four strangers. Don't worry, Brandon was there. I think they call it "Spin the Bottle".

I miss Molly much and I can't wait til I can get back to CA. I'm kind of jonesin' to go.

I need someone to promise to punch me in the brain for every day I don't keep my word in regards to my self-imposed deadlines. Any takers?

I've had a decent amount of sex recently and it's funny because the more sex I have the more sex I want. Having sex makes me hornier than when I go without it (which hasn't happened in a while but I have a pretty good memory.) *Fortunately Brandon needs near-daily injections in his sex section so it all works out quite well ;)

I'm, of course, five years old and have added about 30 some odd cartoons to my Netflix queue recently. I'm talking everything from Adult Swim goodies to Disney classics to Ben 10 & Avatar episodes. It's really kind of crazy but I like it. Plus cartoons are some of the most digestible forms of visual entertainment when your diet consists of as much greens as mine does. See also: 30 Rock, Seinfeld, The Office, most good action movies and anything remotely connected to Judd Apatow.

I think that's it. With any luck my next post will have some art in it but don't count on it.

Snoochie Bootchies, bitches