Thursday, May 28, 2009

My sleep is as illusive as a female's g-spot and just as pleasurable when I find it ;)

Right. It’s a rainy Thursday and I’ve had just enough sleep to amount to sweet fuck all.

My brain, notoriously under-hydrated with alcoholic beverages of late, is also suffering from sleep deprivation of the highest order. My good good brain meat has spoiled. It’s gone bad from the lack of 40 winks. It’s refusing to hold on to thoughts or be cognitive in the least bit and all I want to gobble a bottle’s worth of Ambien, wash it down with some Nyquil and hide under my comforter for a few weeks. Ah, too be young again.

Besides that, I’ve been noticeably more creative recently. Drawing, writing and taking pictures and such. This makes my heart happy.

Brandon, the big perv, has started a blog as an outlet for all of the lustful thoughts that haunt him nightly. I suggested brain trepidation but he wasn’t so keen on poking holes in his skull to ventilate the oversexed parts of his head. He’s no fun.

Anyways if you’re a gay dude or a penis appreciator, check it out:

Also, in honor of both Shawn and me climbing out of our mommies vah-jeens a week apart, we’re having a birthday party this Saturday. If years past are any indication, I can’t wait to get hunk n’ dry and act a fool at my birthday jumpie. Expect a shitload of inane pics the day after. I’m looking forward to drinking games, seeing peeps I haven’t hung out with in awhile and dancing our collective asses to the platinum party mix I compiled last weekend. Izz gon b fun.

Then it’s off to Cali for my birthday vaction on the left coast with my boy. We’re gonna visit Molly in Capitola for a few days then ride down to San Fran for the remainder of the trip. I cannot wait. There are a million things I need to do before, of course, but I’m still psyched to get away. Especially with my baby to the place that I plan on moving to someday soon.

I think that’s it. I’ve exhausted my brain’s remaining batteries to write this. I’m off to simper quiet in the corner as speckles of drool leak their way out the side of my mouth.



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