Wednesday, June 10, 2009

just recent head comform to current placement back in east coast of american pig dog city of dirt

Been back from Cali for a few days now. Still getting my head on straight and readjusting to the ill-fitting New York City suit I find myself in. The yearning to get out of here sooner than later has only gotten stronger in the last four years. It's time I start listening to it.

Besides that, I had an awesome time on vacation. It was great seeing one of my ace boons: Mushroom Mama Molly Mexico and the post-NY life she's settled into.

Plus we saw amazing graffiti, were graced with authentic bits of actual nature, met some really nice quirky characters, played with two of the cutest dogs on God's green and ingested copious amounts of top-notch Mexican food. I loved every minute of it. I also spent the entire week out of my head on special brownies which only enhanced my time there.

San Francisco is were I need to be for awhile. So now I have to just start materializing my desire. No big deal, right?

It was also great spending so much QT with my baby, Brandonia. It was nice to see that after seven days straight with little to no break from each other we never fought or argued or got on each others nerves. A grand sign of compatibility in my eyes.

I also got some great shots while I was there, which is another plus. Now that I'm back it's time to start getting it together and start art-hustling. Plus I'm a year older and that carries it's own set of demands and pressures as well.

But all in all, I'm doing well. Just trying to get my head in the game. Or to paraphrase the rapper, Big Sean: "Money's like fucking, if you grind hard enough that shit'll keep coming"

It's definitely Juneteenth Grind Time '09.

Wish me luck,


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