Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chicken scratch joyrides & bad poetry jalopies...

the rabbit met the tire on the night the kings aspire
to more than greatness
hitching his pitched tent to the back of spaceships

in daylight it's cloud cover
from breastmilk & proud mothers
or twitter, warm winters
and babysitters who live inside the tv
I spend my time in my mind, whiteflag the creepy
fold this with 'Whoa, is this little creep me?'

twisted mister majestical
the best to pull his ventricles
and chew the fat like they were vegetables
or something yummy and delicious
like shattered hopes and broken wishes
gosh, I hope I broke the stitches on the glass ceiling I built
I'd kill for a thrill from the crimson I spilled

But for the minute, it's sorta sloppy
Chicken scratch joyrides & bad poetry jalopies

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