Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Everything I Touch Turns to Amberglis

My brain is in, of course, a weird mish-mashy place. With that said, life's been pretty smiley-face the past few weeks so no complaints. It's just the weather. This very English blend of mist, fog and drizzle is like kryptonite to my usual sunny demeanor.

I need money. Not in a 'I'm broke and my babies need to eat' kind of way. More like 'I'm ready to accept my destiny of being a jetsetter with homes in SF, NYC and Paris. And unfortunately they don't give out free homes to handsome, charming, talented black folks anymore' way.

Let's see what else... I'm at work and I feel like I only have another ten minutes to finish this latest installment, which of course means everyone and their baby-mama chooese now to say 'hi' so let me try to type fast.

Went with my mother to a retrospective of gay erotic art in the past centurty or so which is so ill. How many gay dudes can say that tehy can go with their moms to something like that and have a good time. I love that lady like fat guys love people who don't draw attention to their flabby man-breasts. I could not have asked for a better mother (maybe a richer one but definitely not a better one.)

I am geeked to go to SF!!! I can not wait to get to the left coast to bring in my big 27. *Now the trick is to start setting myself up to fit into that role. I want to be on the road of who I a at thet point. Does that make sense?

My sex life has been all but put on pause the last week or so. Unfortunately Brandon has a bit of a booty boo-boo and I'm not nearly as good of a bottom as I used to be. With that said, my short term goals include stepping it up, relaxing my mangina and getting some sexin' going on. That was probably way too personal but luckily no reads this. Tee hee ;)

I've been missing Cameron of late. Or more accurately, I don't want this disagreement between us to get to the point where it becomes a thing and all signs point to that natural progression if I don't step in with some of the lessons life continues to show me. This means not being stubborn which sucks because I love being stubborn.

Also, I miss Molly but it's hard to call her. The time difference becomes a problem often times because I'd really rather call her in the morning when I have the energy (usually because I'm a grouchy hermit, a lazy stoner or a drunken mess by the time where it would be appropriate to give her a ring.)

Okay I think that's it. I mean there's a ton of other things but they can wait til next time.

Later Days,


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